The Well Dressed GI
Providing quality gear at affordable prices
The Well Dressed GI is a reenactor owned business
providing quality gear at affordable prices.  For more
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Jeep and A-4 caps restocked.  Check out the new
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The Well Dressed GI
835 Oak Lawn Drive
Columbia, MO 65203

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If phone assistance is required, call 573.489.4891 from 5-9pm
Mondays through Thursday.  Please note this is US Central
Standard Time.
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The Warm GI: Hats, Scarves, Gloves, etc

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The Well Equipped GI: Field and Web Gear

The Well Accessorized GI: Odds and Ends
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The Well Blessed Chaplain: Items for
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The Well Dressed K-9: Gear for our furry

The Well Dressed Railsplitter: 84th
Infantry Division items

The Well Exercised GI and WAC:  PT and

The Well Dressed Landser: German items

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Odds and Ends:  Sometimes you get stuff
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